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Blog Title: How does mold grow in the ducts?
How does mold grow in the ducts?
Category: Geothermal Cooling System Post By: Scarlet Reeves (Tucson, AZ), 07/12/2016

Ducts if not cleaned for long time get infested with dust and debris. On the top of it if there is leakage then water and moisture gets in. The dirt with water makes a fertile bed for molds to grow and breed. One of the prime signs of molds is strange discoloration at the vents. Do not take any black patch in the ducts to be molds. You need to get it tested in microbiological laboratory to confirm so. Molds need to be treated with biocides to terminate the growth. But always use EPA approved biocides for treating molds. Ensure that the cleaners use them according to the instructions on the label.

- Jack Lewis (Boulder City, NV), 07/15/2016
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