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Blog Title: What makes the flame of a furnace yellowish?
What makes the flame of a furnace yellowish?
Category: Furnace Replacement Post By: Ella Hawkins (Fort Worth, TX), 07/07/2016

"Ideally, the flame of a furnace should mostly be blue. In case the flame is mostly yellowish in color then it should be inspected professionally. Yellows flame can result mainly due to carbon monoxide (CO) leakage. This can become lethal if not checked. There are other symptoms of CO leakage from a furnace, they are: • lines of smut spotted around the furnace • an upward draft cannot be seen in the chimney • too much moisture found in rooms near the windows , walls etc. • flue pipes and other such conduits are rusty • water trickling down the base of the chimney, vent, or flue pipe"

- Belle Stuart (El Paso, TX), 07/12/2016
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