Benefits Of Good Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that indoor air quality can play a significant role in making or breaking our health? The air that we breathe inside our homes can aggravate allergies or can ease it. Same is the case with breathing problems. And it all depends on the quality of air that we breathe inside our homes. Hence, it is important that we breathe in good quality air inside our homes. There are numerous benefits of breathing in good quality air day in and day out and at the same time, there are also a number of ways to make the indoor air quality better.

As we move further with the discussion, let us explore some of the benefits that we might derive from breathing in good quality air. They are the following:

Breathing is an action that we do every moment without a conscious effort, but the moment our breathing starts to take place consciously, it is obvious that there is some problem. And it has been observed that when the quality of air inside the homes is not of good quality we have to take shallow breaths which put a lot of strain on the lungs and the heart. On the other hand, a good quality air inside our homes eases out our breathing exercise and gives our body the necessary oxygen.

Good quality indoor air also improves sleep quality. This is because if during the sleep hours the air inside the home contains Volatile Organic Compounds and reduced percentages of oxygen, then breathing becomes difficult and sleep conditions like sleep apnea might develop. On the other hand, if the indoor air quality is good a proper nights’ sleep is easier.

Good quality indoor air means air that is free from allergens. This is important because it keeps you away from a condition called Hay fever and you can stay fit in your own home. Easy ways to remove allergens from home is frequent vacuuming of the household, maintaining proper ventilation of the home and taking good care of the home’s air conditioning system.

Good indoor air quality means an air that is free from dampness and mold and when the air is free from dampness and mold, a lot of illness stays at bay. When there is dampness and mold present in a home, the chances of upper respiratory infection is quite common and the worst part of such an infection is that it is easily spread from one person to the other. Thus, a lot of people might get sick due to bad indoor air quality.

Another significant benefit of good indoor air quality is that it promotes reduced energy cost. This becomes possible because the strain on the homes’ heating and cooling system reduces. This is because these units have to work less hard to either cool or heat the air inside the homes. The result is the units last longer and it saves on the monthly electricity bills.

As the benefits of good indoor air quality are quite significant, every action needs to be taken to make the indoor air quality pollution free.



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