Factors That Decide The Size Of An Air Conditioner

“Size does matter; no one wants smaller glasses of wine”. Yes, size does matter in many aspects; in the heating cooling sector, size of the product is of pivotal importance. Air conditioner comes in various sizes. Just buying a unit for your house is not enough. You have to know the correct size of the unit required by your house. There are various factors that decide the size of air conditioner unit required by your house-

• The climate of the area in which you live is a crucial factor. If you live in an extremely cold region you will require a unit of higher tonnage than is required otherwise.

• The size of the unit will also depend on factors such as size, shape, design, orientation, number of floors and other features of a house.

• Some contractors also take factors such as age of the construction, the materials with which the house has been constructed etc.

• The windows of house are a very important factor. They play a key role in heat loss and heat gain. The contactor should check the number, age, location, size, type, and orientation of your windows.

• Insulation is a pivotal factor that decides the efficiency of a HVAC fitted in your house. Some houses are strictly air-tight while others may have loop holes in the thermal envelop.

• The size of the air conditioner is based on presence of lights and other heat-generating appliances and their efficiency levels.

• The number of inmates living in the house is a deciding factor.

• If the walls of most rooms are directly exposed to sunlight, you may require a greater tonnage. The amount of sunlight that seeps into the house is a factor to be considered.

• If the house is surrounded by trees and shrubs and is well shaded, you will require a little lesser tonnage.





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