Getting To Know More About Packaged Units

Many of us have heard about packaged air conditioners but we are not much aware as to what exactly is a packaged air conditioner. To put it simply, packaged air conditioner is a bigger version of the window air conditioner. But the major difference between packaged air conditioners and window air conditioners is that they have a higher cooling capacity and can cool an entire house or commercial building at once. In case of packaged air conditioner, the conditioned air is passed to the space to be conditioned through the ducts which remains hidden within the ceiling. A packaged unit is installed outside the building, mostly on the rooftop and expert professionals are required to install such units.

A packaged unit is assembled within a casing that includes all the parts of an air conditioning unit. They are the following:

• The compressor
• The condenser
• The electric panel
• Air Filter
• Evaporator Coil
• Evaporator Fan and Housing
• Heating and Humidifying Components and
• Return air grille

However, it needs to be noted here that depending on the cooling system used by these packaged units, they are classified into two types. One is with the water cooled condenser and the other is with the air cooled condenser. In packaged units with water cooled condenser, the condenser is cooled with water and water has to be continuously supplied to these units to carry on its functioning. While in packaged units with air cooled packaged units, the condenser of the refrigeration system is cooled by the atmospheric air.

As now we are more or less clear about the concept of a packaged unit, let us now explore the various benefits of using a packaged unit.

There are many homes which do not have adequate space for both the outdoor and the indoor unit; especially the problem lies with the outdoor unit. In such cases a packaged air conditioner is the best solution. This is because a packaged unit do not utilize separate spaces for the outdoor and the indoor unit, rather all the components are housed in a single case which in turn can be placed anywhere either adjacent to the building or on the rooftop. Thus, where space is a constraint, one can opt for a packaged unit.

With split systems the repair and maintenance work can be lengthier because the technician has to examine both the outdoor and the indoor unit separately but on the contrary in case of packaged unit, as all components are housed in a single case, accessing that becomes quite easier and also much time is not consumed.

It is true that packaged air conditioners have some advantages when compared to split systems but before opting for a packaged unit, it is a good idea to get in touch with an HVAC technician so that he can find out whether a packaged unit will be suitable for a particular property or not and at the same time he will also be able to determine the size of the packaged unit that will be required for a house or a commercial space.



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