Ways To Improve Indoor Unit Air Quality?

The term indoor air quality refers to the quality of air within the buildings and structures. Indoor air quality is of great importance in order to maintain the health and comfort levels of the ones dwelling within the buildings. Hence, all steps need to be taken to improve the indoor air quality within the buildings. The best way to improve the indoor air quality is to eliminate all sources of pollutants that might get inside the rooms. At the same time, one must keep in mind that proper ventilation is also necessary to maintain the indoor air quality. This is because proper ventilation allows clean outside air to get inside the rooms, pollutants are removed through way of filtration, and building up of excessive moisture can be prevented.

Let us now have a look at some of the steps that can be taken to improve the indoor air quality. They are the following:

It is a good idea to avoid smoking inside the house. This is because tobacco smoke contains thousands of indoor pollutants and the concentration level of pollutants is also pretty high in it.

One should opt for low-emitting products.

The use of harsh cleaners, solvent-based cleaners and cleaners with strong fragrances should be minimized.

It is recommended that cars, lawnmowers or other kinds of engines should not be left idle in garages especially the ones which are attached to the house.

Another key factor in order to improve the indoor air quality is to keep the inside of the house clean. Pillow covers, bed sheets, comforters, and other bedding accessories should be cleaned at regular intervals to prevent the building up of dust.

It is recommended to keep the shoes outside so that the outdoor dust cannot come inside the house.

High efficiency vacuum cleaners must be used so that the surface dust from the house can easily be removed.

Controlling moisture built up within the house is also something that plays a significant role in improving the indoor air quality of homes. It is recommended that homes should be kept as dry as possible and all leaks should be repaired immediately.

One must keep in mind that house plants are a great way to improve the indoor air quality. They do so by filtering the carbon dioxide, but one needs to keep in mind that too much watering of the plants might encourage the growth of mold.

Ventilation is another important factor affecting the indoor air quality. It is recommended that even during the winter season, the windows should be kept open so that there can be free flow of air within the house.

The mechanical filters which are used in the houses should be in place and they should fit well. Moreover, these filters must be changed at regular intervals as per the manufacturers’ instruction.

Lastly, it can be concluded saying that indoor air quality must be given due importance if you want to breathe a clean air and if that means shelling out a few extra pennies one should not stay away from it because that will prove worthwhile in the long run.



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