What Does An Ac Service Include?

It is true that air conditioners are quite tough appliances and they are designed to withstand even the most difficult of conditions. But in spite of being tough appliances air conditioners like any other appliances need regular maintenance. Without regular services, air conditioners tend to lose around 5% of their efficiency. Moreover, people who are not aware of the fact that air conditioner require services at regular intervals are the ones who might go without air conditioners during some of the most uncomfortable months of the year. This happens due to sudden break down of the system. However, without regular servicing of your appliance you need not worry because most of the lost efficiency can be recovered and the chances of sudden break down of the appliance is also reduced.

Experts are of the opinion that with regular servicing almost 95% of the original efficiency of an air conditioner can be maintained. This means that the amount you will spend on the yearly services of the AC will soon be recovered through the savings that you will make through your monthly electricity bills. Regular servicing of the air conditioner will not only decrease your utility bills but at the same time you can enjoy more comfort with the same appliance as it will do a better job of dehumidifying the home. Moreover, regular services of an air conditioner will also increase the overall life span of the air conditioner. Nevertheless, it needs to be noted here that when it comes to the servicing of your air conditioner only trusted HVAC agencies must be contacted to get a thorough check up and servicing of your unit.

Let us now have a look at some of the services included in an AC tune up. They are the following:

• A thorough cleaning of the condenser coils. As the condenser coils are cleaned the efficiency of the unit increases and the wear and tear of the appliance decreases.

• The coolant level has to be checked so that the appliance functions at its peak level. At the same time, lubrication of all the moving parts in an air conditioner is necessary to reduce unnecessary friction within the unit.

• A complete calibration of the thermostat is important to ensure that it operates perfectly fine.

• The duct work should be examined thoroughly to eliminate all possibilities of energy loss.

• All the electrical connections associated with the air conditioner should be inspected so that the unit operates safely.

• The blower motor and the blower belt also need to be examined so that there is no hindrance while the air conditioner operates.

Along with all these services there are certain things that house owners can do by themselves to ensure efficient operation of the air conditioner. For example, good quality filters should be used and they need to be replaced at regular intervals. Similarly, the outside unit must be kept away from bushes and overgrowing branches of trees so that the airflow is not restricted. At the same time, the supply outlets to the house should not be closed.

Lastly, as far as the frequency of AC servicing is included, it is said servicing the unit at least once a year during the spring time is a good idea. This allows the unit to function at its peak efficiency during the months it is needed the most.




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