What Is A Hard Start Kit?

Sometimes the compressor due to wear and tear over the years cannot start easily. The unit makes stuttering sounds as it get activated. This is called hard starting. This can be resolved with a hard-start kit. It is an electrical component that is attached to the condensing unit of the air conditioner. It allows the compressor to start easily and quickly by using less power. A compressor saver is a combination of a relay and a start capacitor. You can also have one in your system even if your compressor is not showing signs of weakening and failing.

What does it do?

The start capacitor possesses power in a roll of electrically charged sheets of material. A starter solenoid switches a large electric current to the starter motor which in turn sets the compressor in motion. When you turn on the air conditioner, energy stored in capacitor is relayed to the compressor motor by the relay. The relay constantly monitors the electric current from the compressor. When it reaches a certain level it stops, as the compressor has started running fully by then. When a hard-start kit is connected a special care should be taken. The run capacitor that is already integrated in the system has become weak. The start kit will start the compressor. But it will operate it at higher amperage than it is designed for. This can affect the compressor..

The contactor should also be taken care of. In older models, the contactor usually hacd pitted contacts. The pits can cause damage to the compressor motor during the inrush period.

Why you need it?

When you start the air conditioner, the compressor has to compress and move a great deal of refrigerant through the unit. The metering device and the compressor work in tandem. The metering device has to move the same amount of Freon in liquid form as the compressor does in gaseous form. The compressor must get a low pressure superheated gas to compress each molecule to a high pressure. It is crucial for the compressor to operate in lesser time in the in-rush amperage mode. The compressor has to work under great force and pressure. It must be able to cope up with the pressure difference at the beginning.

The hard start kit increases the life span of a compressor. It also increases its efficiency. It decreases power bills and chances of costly repairs in future.





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